Separating Work + Home

It can be hard in 2021 to separate work life from home life, particularly if working from home, managing a particularly stressful time in your home life or work life, or just feeling overall burnout as the year comes to a close and the holiday season approaches. There are so many demands on modern workers, and it can feel impossible to turn ‘off’ at the end of the day.

Consider incorporating these questions on your drive home to reflect and switch gears:

-What did I learn today?

-What brought a smile to my face?

-What made me feel proud, grateful, or inspired today?

-Is there anything I’d like to do differently tomorrow?

-Is there anything I want to let go of or release when I get home?

-Is there anything I need from loved ones today when I transition home?

-How do I want to show up at home?

It can take practice, but mindful reflection and intention setting can be so helpful in switching gears gracefully as we show up in our various roles–and while it’s challenging, it’s so incredibly worthwhile.

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