Rest: Questions for Clarity and Perspective

Rest can be complicated. Here are some questions to reflect on to help deepen your understanding of what rest means to you:

  • When, and how, do I rest? In motion? In stillness? In community? Solo?
  • What emotions and sensations accompany rest? Compassion, warmth? Guilt, restlessness?
  • What messages have I received around the meaning and value of rest? Where did I receive these messages? Workplace, school, family, religion, society? How do these messages show up when I rest, or when I see others resting?
  • What happens in my body if I don’t get enough rest? How do I know I’m in need of rest?
  • Is rest earned? Does it require permission? If so, who gives permission?
  • If my relationship with rest looked different, would other parts of my life feel different, too.

Rest essential, and it can also be complicated. It’s tied to our past experiences, our present sense of scarcity or abundance, and our anxiety about the future. It’s tied to our identity and our sense of self.  If resting feels hard for you, you’re not alone. You don’t have to sort through it by yourself.

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