Relishing Joy

Do you want to know a way to boost your immune system, mitigate psychological distress and increase wellbeing overall?

Learn how to cherish, celebrate, and re-experience joyful moments. 

Humans tend to be pretty good at re-experiencing our challenging moments—we sometimes tune into dread before an unpleasant experience, find ourselves complaining during, and maybe rehash and ruminate over it afterward. Sometimes these challenging moments become cornerstones in our identity. 

We need to ensure that our joy-filled moments also become cornerstones to our identity. And we need to practice giving our moments of happiness some more cognitive and emotional airtime. 

So the next time you find yourself experiencing joy, sink into it and celebrate it in the present, and also maybe try to: 

  • Journal about it
  • Voice your joy and excitement to yourself and others and out-loud, in the moment 
  • Take photos and videos of big and small moments—for yourself, not solely for social media—and reflect on them afterward 
  • Share about your joyful experience 
  • Check in with your 5 senses in the moment 
  • Bask in the memory

All emotions are good—one is not better than the other. They are messengers, guides. They’re all simply part of being human. It is essential that we honor the breadth of our emotions, and refrain from trying to reframe all memories as joyful, or try to dismiss our challenging emotions in an effort to replace with joyful ones. So allow all emotions, and, consider practicing tuning into joy when you feel it, and use it as a guide. 

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