Questions to Ponder When You’re Feeling Stuck

We all get stuck sometimes. Here are a few questions I find myself repeating to build insight and movement:

  • Where do you feel that in your body?
  • Can we check the facts on that?
  • Do you think this could have an origin story?
  • What has worked in the past when you have been stuck here?
  • What advice would you give to a loved one in a similar situation?
  • Is there an assumption here that may be holding you back?

Sometimes we can move through a tough moment with greater ease when we pose the right questions. We can ponder these questions while journaling, talking to a loved one, reflecting on them with movement (ie: while taking a walk or bike ride,) or while cooking, cleaning, or showering.  Sometimes a change of scenery and movement can also be helpful to avoid over thinking.

If you find yourself feeling stuck for extended periods of time, remember, there is no shame in reaching out for support.

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