Experiencing Joy

Let yourself experience (and re-experience, and re-experience) joyful moments.

We humans tend to be pretty good at re-experiencing our tough moments.

We may…

  • fret or experience dread before
  • complain during
  • rehash it afterward

We don’t always return the same favor to our joyful moments. This is in part due to the negativity bias, the brain’s natural tendency to respond to negative experiences with greater resonance and intensity than neutral or positive experiences.

So the next time you’re experiencing something joyful, try the following to counteract the negativity bias and experience your joy fully:

  • Journal about it
  • Voice your joy and excitement to yourself and out-loud in the moment
  • Take photos and videos of big and small moments—for yourself, not solely for social media—and reflect on them afterward
  • Share about your joyful experience
  • Check in with your 5 senses in the moment
  • Bask in the memory!

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