Does anyone else have trouble advocating for themselves?

Asking for what you need can feel SCARY.

  • We risk upsetting, disappointing, or angering others.
  • We risk altering others’ perception of us (which, in actuality, is none of our business but it sure feels like it is.)
  • We risk changing the relationship in some way.

But gosh, on the other end of advocacy is so much opportunity! 

  • Opportunity for repair and connection within our relationships
  • Opportunity for greater understanding
  • Opportunity to get our needs met and increase satisfaction in our job/friendships/family/relationships

It is hard. It is scary. And we must do it anyway. It’s so worth it!

Want to borrow my mantras to pump yourself up?

  • “It’s hard to speak up for yourself. It’s hard to keep your needs silent. Choose your hard.”
  • “A closed mouth never gets fed.”
  • “There is a risk of speaking up. There is a risk of keeping quiet.”

You’ve got this.

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