Adolescent Counseling

Teenagers today are experiencing some of the highest rates of anxiety and depression when compared to previous generations, and these numbers are on the rise. While the teen years can be turbulent–particularly when facing societal and global stressors and the ever-present pressures of the digital world–they also present a beautiful opportunity for growth, creativity, innovation, and connection.

I love partnering with teens and their families to build insight into patterns of emotions, behaviors, and relationships to empower them to make lasting change.

Common issues I address with teens include:

  • Self-doubt, low sense of self-worth, and lack of confidence
  • LGBTQ identity concerns related to sexuality, gender expression, gender identity, and environmental pressures
  • Difficulty responding to stress (sometimes leading to self-harm)
  • Difficulty with relationships (parents, siblings, friends, authority figures)
  • Difficulty handling conflict and communication effectively
  • Trouble responding safely to anger and other strong emotions

My approach with teens is action-oriented, strengths-focused, and trauma informed. I utilize a blend of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral approaches, and am informed by the field of interpersonal neurobiology. I also utilize EMDR when appropriate. To help ensure comprehensive and long-term outcomes, I often include other family members in the therapeutic process.

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